Sjoerd Houben
 b. 1990, the Netherlands
 BA Photography (with great distinction), KASK Ghent, BE, 2016.
 MA Photography (with great distinction), KASK Ghent, BE, 2018.

 Based in Amsterdam

Sjoerd Houben (b. 1990, NL) is an artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His work mainly explores abstract structures in societal systems. Using various research methods Houben builds up a complex web of subjects and connects a multitude of subjects to the core subject and concept. Houben is interested in what the medium of photography has to offer in terms of concept forming and visual substance. He questions how the photographic medium deals with abstract concepts and the way these concepts find their way back into the image.

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  2019 ︎
Fotodok - Geluk in Beeld, Vrij Nederland (print and online) (NL) Zeeuwse Lichting 2018, CBK ZEELAND, Middelburg (NL)
Exhibition 2.0 Terms and Conditions, Go Mulan Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
2018 ︎
Good intentions, Marres, Maastricht (NL)
Shortlist Olympus Young Talent Award 2018, Amsterdam (NL) 
Olympus Young Talent Award 2018, Kiekie Tabloid (print and online) (NL)
No Pleasure Cruise, 44 Gallery, Brugge (BE)
Gra(n)d Jam, Yugen, Ghent (BE)
No Pleasure Cruise (Book), selfpublished (NL)
Graduation, KASK, Ghent (BE)
No Pleasure Cruise, De Morgen (print and online) (BE)
No Pleasure Cruise, The Heavy Collective (AU)
No Pleasure Cruise, Ain’t Bad Magazine (US)
Fotoforum Talent, Brasschaat (BE) 
MAP #72 Advance To Go, Glazen Gang, KASK, Ghent (BE)
2017 ︎
Excersises (zine), selfpublished (BE)
Der Greif, Issue #10 (DE) 
Der Greif, Thread Count,booth #10, Unseen, Amsterdam (NL)
Prins Bernhard Culturefund, Master studies grant (NL)
De Donkere Kamer, Bourla Theatre, Antwerp (BE) 
We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful, Zwarte Zaal, KASK Ghent  (BE)